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When alone one day, instead of succumbing to the wonder of the Great British daytime television, Gema Hadridge picked up her guitar and poured her heart into music. Writing songs different from any before, the lyrics designed to pull on heartstrings with massive choruses that draw you into the songs.

“I write music/songs as a way to express myself. Each song I write has meaning to me and represents a certain time in my life. I find writing a song is also a way I process my thoughts; 'collecting' them and creating a song - each song being as brutally honest as the next.”

Now, nearly 4 years on there is an EP, an album, a tour, some amazing shows and finally ..a band.

Music has always been encouraged in the Hadridge household, and after battering away on her Aunties’ guitar, one Christmas Gema received her very own, wrote her first song, and never looked back. After sharing her new songs with friends, they formed a band called Return of the Nobodies. It was with this band that Gema can recall one of her fondest musical memories; playing acoustically on Cambridge’s Jesus Green as the sun set around them.

As all good things do, the band eventually came to an end, leaving Gema, at the tender age of 16, to continue songwriting as a solo artist. As she experienced her first love and started sixth form her style became more poetic and the guitar more complicated. She released an EP titled, ‘Dedications, Hysterics and Inhibitions’, followed by an album, ‘Eighteen Months, Two Times Around’.

As a solo artist Gema has had some amazing supporting slots with artists such as, I Am Kloot, Katie Malco, Karima Francis and more. She has toured around the UK with fellow songwriter and friend, Steph Brown, leaving music, good times and a scratched BMW or two behind them.

As you do, Gema has managed to collect a ragtag bunch of musicians along the way, through gigging, advertising, and stalking the halls of BIMM, and they have come together to form a new band. Their first EP, ‘Growth’, was released earlier this year, and promoted via a mini-tour including; Brighton’s Latest Music Bar, Cambridge’s The Haymakers and London’s Troubadour.

The band have been showcased on Balcony TV, and supported Razorlight’s Andy Burrows on his acoustic tour at Brighton’s The Hope. They have also been given airtime on Radio stations Juice FM and Red Rooms.

With a new EP in the works, a band who are not just musicians, but friends, and some amazing upcoming shows Gema Hadridge can say nothing more than ‘I’m bloody excited’.

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